XCP-NG + FreeNAS at 10G

Greetings! I’m having issues with my XCP-NG hosts with FreeNAS backend at 10GB. I’m configured as below:

XCP-NG -----> Unifi 10GB Switch <----- FreeNAS

My XCP-NG servers are at and The FreeNAS is at All in a separate VLAN from the rest of my network. I can ping from XCP-NG to FreeNAS and FreeNAS to XCP-NG.

What I am trying to do now is migrate VMs from local storage to the FreeNAS SR that I have created in XOA. However the tasks just continue to sit at 0% completion and then disappear after several hours of waiting. Is there something obvious that I am missing here?

I’m also having trouble getting my second XCP-NG server that is configured with the IP of to be reachable, but that my be another topic to troubleshoot later. At this point I just want to migrate my VMs from’s local storage to FreeNAS. Also, I’ve had this setup working over 1GB before moving to 10GB.

I apprechiate any help that anyone can provide :smile:

At this point, I’m going to export all of my vms to xva files and reinstall xcp-ng on both hosts and see if I can get it working with the storage. I’ve run out of ideas with the current config.

What type of storage are you using, iSCSI or NFS and what happens when you try to create a drive on that storage?

@LTS_Tom, its an NFS shrae on FreeNAS. When I’ve attempted to created a new drive on the storage, it has the same behavior has if I was migrating a disk over to it. The task sill sit at 0% then just disappear after a while.

I would guess that it does not have proper write access to the FreeNAS, check the permissions on the FreeNAS system.

@LTS_Tom, so I have check the permissions. The only item I have changed was to apply permissions recursively to share folder. And now I’m currently creating a new VM on that storage. I’ve also just tried to migrate VDIs from local storage on server 1 to the NFS storage but its is complaining of Backend SR failure, host is down. I’m guessing its possible that it is actually referencing the host that is down in the pool?

Yes, sounds like it is not able to connect to the storage.

So problem was resolved by removing the troubled host out of the pool. The I was able to do everything as expected. Attempted to reinstall xcp-ng on my other host but it failed to boot into the bios boot menu. RIP Dell R320. No I just have to wait for another Dell server to become decomissoned and available for me to use. Thanks for the feedback @LTS_Tom.