XCP-NG boot issue after install

I pulled out an old system to install XCP-NG to play with. The install seems to complete but after when I reboot the machine I get nothing but a black screen with a blinking cursor. The closest I can find to what might be causing this came from this link:

although this is an older post and not specifically about XCP-NG. Being at a loss I decided to try it. So I booted the XCP-NG install disk but dropped to the command line instead of picking to do another install.

From there, I mounted the file system on the disk that had XCP-NG on it, but the problem is that I can’t find the grub configuration file where I can add nomodeset to the options. It’s not in the /etc/default directory as the link above seems to indicate. That directory is there but the only files in there are named nss and useradd.

Does XCP-NG even use grub? If so where can I find the grub config file that I might be able to edit and see if adding this nomodeset option will fix my issue.


Are you using the latest XCP-NG and does the system have secure boot / UEFI and is that turned off?

It is the latest version of XCP-NG, downloaded a few days ago. UEFI is off.

Did you ever get anywhere with this? I’m having the same issue.

Sorry no I never could figure it out. I suspected that maybe my mobo wasn’t supported. Maybe needed a driver that xcp-ng didn’t have or something.

I did swap that the mobo though and that fixed the problem.

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