Xcp-ng and pfsense as a Vm (Solved)

Hi All
I have a problem with pfsense as a vm in xcp-ng?
First abit of background i had windows 7 as host running virtualbox with two nic,s running mail,web servers etc a and my internal home network all running through pfsense and working like a charm and understanding the pitfalls of running pfsense as a vm (when pfsense goes down your network goes down!! always when your not there lol ) .
So i decided to lose win7 as the host and use xcp-ng and love it.
now the issue i have is ive installed the servers and running fine and accessable through the wan nic…
I installed pfsense and configuerd the networks wan and lan when installing but when i transfer my internal lan over to the pfsense lan nic it does not obtain an ip address??
If i create a vm in xcp and use the pfsense lan nic it receives the correct dhcp address from pfsense.
Do i need to pass through the second nic to pfsense or have i set somthing up wrong?

I hope that explains it ?

Are you sure you have the LAN and WAN tied in the proper order to the correct interfaces?

Hi Tom
Thanks for your reply
I dont think so as if i create a vm and use the pfsense nic it works but when i plug a physical network in it doesnt?
i will add some images you might see if i made an error some where

sorry can only add 1 pic at a time

so you are using NIC1 as you LAN and NIC0 as your WAN? Is this just for lab testing? If not then use a dedicated NIC not share with other VM’s for the WAN.

Thanks for the reply
And many thanks for your help

Yippee its fixed

For anyone who might have the same problem

Well first of all i moved the vm.s of the wan nic as you suggested but still had the same problem. I could ping and see all the vm.s yet still the physical connection to the lan would not get an ip xcp would show link connected went though the network config files yet still could not see anything wrong.
(After kicking the server many many times lol)
I decided to reverse the network so the Wan became the lan to see if it rewrote the configs?
To my surprise the wan then could not get an ip address?
Ok the network card is broken? So i popped in another nic and reconfigured xcp and it just WORKED!!!

Ive not had time yet to see if the nic is at fault or a driver issue in xcp but will cos that had me chasing my tail for a few days.

Moral of the story is if it doesn,t break how do you learn how to fix it :smile:

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