XCP-ng 8.0 SR Backend failure 77

Greetings. I am having issues with adding a new hard drive to an existing server that I uppgraded to 8.0 yesterday.
I’ve tried to add the new drive both via Xen Orchestra and through CLI but everything results in the error

“SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_77, Logical Volume group creation failed”

I used the following syntax, from Citrix,
xe sr-create name-label=<Storage ID> shared=false device-config:device=<Path of the Storage device> type=lvm content-type=user

If I use fdisk to create a new partition on the drive and use mkfs.ext4 there seems to be no issues with the drive itself. I’m kind of stumped, if anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


A guess would be the wrong device. Try the https://xcp-ng.org/forum/ as they are better at those errors.

Thanks for your input, I managed to figure it out. I was adding a hard drive that had previously been apart of a zfs raid and there seemed to be some residual data that prevented it to be added. Thanks again.

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