XCP-NG - 2 Issues I can't seemed to fix

Hi Guys,

I’m hoping someone with more experience of XCP-NG than mean can advise.

I’ve got two issues surrounding Server 2019 Std on XCP that’s driving me crazy:

Issue 1

I can’t seemed to get the Xen tools working. Have tried the Windows Update button in advance (seen from YT), use the XCP-NG.Windows.PV.Drivers. form github and even tried downloading the Xen tools. I suspect there is a knack to it that I haven’t master yet. Anyone managed to achieve this?

Issue 2

Windows will not update the following patch : KB4535680 Which I believe is related to “Secure Boot”. I’ve got another instance with exact same problem, so I assume it’s very common.

Apart from this, it’s an excellent hypervisor … a big shout out to the devs for their effort !!!

Really appreciate yoru time guys.

Not an issue I have encountered, I would suggest their forums Home | XCP-ng forum

Will do ! Thanks for the comments