XCP-NG 10GbE setup without a switch

Hi all,

I am trying to setup an XCP-NG cluster with 3 servers (nodes) on a Dell PowerEdge C6220 II.
The server is populated with 4 nodes and I am planning to use 3 nodes for XCP-NG cluster in HA and 1 node for FreeNAS so I can send my XCP-NG backup to it…

Each node has an Intel X520 Dual-Port SFP+ 10Gb Mezz Network Card.

My question is this:
Can I can link all the nodes via SFP connection in order to maximize performance WITHOUT an external SFP switch? Could anyone post links on some how-to? The video from Tom is a direct peer to peer between 2 servers…

Once setup, the server will be shipped in a collocation rack and the cost of SFP switch is too much for us.

You need a shared storage for the servers to work in HA mode so all of them need to be on the same network which means you will need a switch,

And some more reading here

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