Would like to increase 10G usage. How long should this take?

Hey @LTS_Tom, I put in a work request on 8/2. Basically, I want to further implement 10G more than I have so far. I’m very technical but weak on networking.

Wondering two things:

  1. (if you could look at my work request) How long do you think I should plan for that to take?
  2. What details (if I’ve left other useful stuff out) could I provide that would help minimize possible downtime?

The money isn’t what I’m concerned about as much as the fact that I work from home full-time. Just trying to know how best to plan.

Cheers. Thank you for all you do, sir!

I am not really clear on what you are asking.

I went to your website, and filled out a form describing work I’d like to have your company do for me.

I’m wondering how long you/your team thinks I should estimate for that.

Oof. Tom, I don’t know what I did here, but it’s a misfire for sure. :grimacing: