Wireguard / Routing question


I have wireguard between two firewalls and a VPS. I’m trying to route traffic from site a to site b through the tunnel/VPS.

I think I need the following routes route through route through
and then on the VPS route the respective traffic to the IP of the FW native to the location?

I’ve not been able to get a tunnel created between site A and site B so I was hoping to use the VPS as a proxy of sorts.

are both sites connecting to the same tunnel on the cloud pfsense? I made this happening with having a tun_wg0 with a instance wg interface) and lets say the other two sites are and… and then the static routes are added by using a Dynamic gateway (interface route) with pfsense (on cloud instance)

Both sites are connected to the same tunnel (wg0), its a ubuntu box in the cloud.

Ive done that too lol… same idea… one interface on ubuntu… and then the routes are created automatically in the kernal when you add the peers and the allowed-ips

on vultr by the way you can virtually load a pfsense instance… i moved to doing it that way… much easier the ubuntu… i started with ubunutu instances in the cloud for a vpn relay server basically but much prefer pfsense in the cloud… 12 bucks a month… not bad…have about 11 sites connected this way

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Damn this is on Vultr too, didn’t think about the fact that you can just select your own ISO…

if its not to late… I HIGHLY recommend moving… ITS 10000000 times easier…

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you need to have like a beefed up subscription of dropbox to bring the iso over but its worth it… even to just get it for this one time upload