Wireguard question on pfsense 2.6.0

Hi, new here but longtime networker and sysadmin in my professional life. New to wireguard.

Question: Can I bridge my Wg interface to my LAN?

Here is what I’m really trying to do, I have a silicon dust HD Homerun prime on my lan segment and I’d like to share this content. If you’re familiar with the way it’s setup the clients seem to broadcast to find the tuner, and the trick is to get the HDHomeRun app to see it.

I won’t have access to this firewall for a few weeks, so just trying to research now.


I have no idea how that device works, but if discovery uses mDNS, maybe take a look at Avahi.

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To my knowledge there is now was to do bridging with Wireguard.

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Looks like whatever I would do on the pfsense box won’t matter. I had a chance to tcpdump the wireguard connection from a mobile device, and the discovery broadcast traffic from the phone client never even makes it across the wire, and subsequently fails. If I ever find a workable solution I’ll try to update this :slight_smile: