Wi-Fi DNS issues w/ pfSense & unifi network

I recently decided I want more control over my home network, so I bought a Protecli for pfSense, a Unifi Switch 8 & Unifi AP-AC-LR. My current dilemma is that I am having issues with my android phone and Shield TV while connected to Mullvad VPN via pfSense, and I’m not sure if I’m missing a firewall rule or maybe a DNS setting. When I connect my Win10 laptop to the Polska SSID, it resolves fine. I have a mullvad openVPN client set up using their guide.

Network Map

My phone and shield TV cannot seem to get a connection on the Polska SSID, which I’m pretty positive is tied to DNS. I say this because when I enable the WAN interface under outgoing interfaces, the issues go away. But when I do that, the devices reach for DNS that isn’t Mullvad, which I don’t want. Where can I look to figure out what’s going on? I’ve enabled logs on my LAN interface, but am not seeing any denies that correspond. This does not happen if I connect those devices to my Guest network.

I’m pretty new to networking, so forgive me if I’m obtuse.

LAN Rules (what polska is linked to)

DNS Resolver settings

Unifi Wifi settings

Unifi Guest wifi settings

I see that your attempting to get all the DNS traffic to go our of the VPN, test using a tool such as nslookup or dig to determine if DNS is working on pfsense.

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I have Mullvad DNS set as the top 2 for all my networks in DHCP, and dig/drill do indeed fail when I send the query to my firewall. And after thinking about it, you pointed me in the right direction. Changing the DNS under System>General Setup to Mullvad DNS has resolved the issue I believe. Thank you!

My follow up question is why would my phone and Shield TV be able to resolve on the Guest network without issue?

Turns out that didn’t actually help. Apps on my phone give a connection failure message when trying to reach the internet.

If you are getting an ip you could manually set your dns to if your phone connects fine it proves it’s the dns vs some other problem.

Did that and my phone did indeed load apps and websites without issue.

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Then you have a portion solved. I am sure it’s just a check box. I know when I setup a clan on my erx for the first time I simply had the dns ip incorrect. Sure it is something very simple.

Can you ping your dns server once you are tied to the network?

I think (hopefully) that this was a matter of network connections and devices being reset. It seems that my issues are in fact gone.

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