Why can't I pull a IP from my bridged Layer 2 OpenVPN Server

I have 2 Pfsense firewalls running OpenVPN Layer 2 in bridge mode, Box 1 hosting the server and box 2 hosting the client. I want to connect clients to box 2 and route traffic and pull IP’s from the server. The VPN is up and running, I currently have 2 devices connected thru box 2 passing traffic thru the VPN, I can also get internet and I can ping other clients connected on the server side but my 2 clients on box 2 won’t pull any IP’s from the bridge on Box 1 on the server side even though everything else is working. The pfsense box hosting the client “box 2” gets a bridge IP no problem from the server but not the clients connected thru it.

Hey @ringo574, welcome.

I’ve done OpenVPN in bridged mode before and DHCP worked but only in a client to server layout never in a site to site as you have.

Is there a specific reason you need it to be L2.

I want to be able to connect my Tivo mini to the client VPN and have it pull an IP from server VPN so the mini would be on the same subnet as my Tivo Roamio so I can watch the mini remotely.

I don’t know the Tivo stuff but I assume they work on boradcast to find the “server” (Roamio).

Can’t really help much further I don’t think short of labing something up to test but I honestly don’t have the time for that right now.

One other thought, When I did have this working client->site I think I had the vpn server delivering a subset of the dhcp leases directly. Maybe I’ll see if I can find a config file.

Yep, I have a line that looks like this in the config file on a site where they use bridged mode;

server-bridge serverIP serverSubnet dhcpStart dhcpEnd

Not sure how you implement that in pfSense though