What to run, What to run?


I ordered a Protectli FW2B (4gb ram, 32gb hdd). What should I put on it first? pfSense? OpnSense? Untangled? Something else?


Try them all and see what you like.


I personally have deployed Untangle with a subscription at the home lab as a the primary unified threat management application and router for the home network. The experience has been all positive. The one thing I really like about it is the easy to set up OpenVPN server configuration since I am constantly using VPN back to the home lab network. The other features such as the intrusion detection and filtering work very well, especially with the signatures provided by Untangle with a subscription. I would choose between Untangle or pfSense. But of course, try all your options if you are planning on deploying this as a full time device.



Thanks for the feedback Tony! 73 de W9HDG


I am running PFSense on my Protectli box. All is well.