What next after TLS?

Hey Tom,

You do a lot of videos and spreading the love.

I’m curious, as a guy in a similar situation to yourself, though from across the pond in the UK. You’re doing a lot of publicity stuff and building up your company, which is going really well.

Tesla over AMG? Not sure, and that Xavier guy may have good security instincts, obviously poor judgement at cars :slight_smile: probably has more experience at hacking a AMG than driving one :slight_smile:

On a serious note, where do you see your company going? I started working for myself when I was 24, that’s my problem, don’t know anything else. What would be your ideal “end goal”?

Mine, personally, i hope my kids will be able to take it on, I hope I can teach my kids to be better than me, kind of hard cobsidering how we were brought up.

My goal with my company is to train my kids to surpass me and take over my company. What’s yours?

While many startups are doing thisimage

I am not sure what to do with myself other than what I am doing now, running the business and creating content. I am not really in it for the money as I could My kids don’t have an interest in tech or in taking over the company but as I may not live forever I would imagine ownership transferring to one or more of the staff working there.

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