What Jobs in Tech

I hear Tom talk wanting to get more people in the tech field. well i would love to have a job change, but not sure were to go.
Right now i do maintenance work for a property management co, i am down right bored. most of my jobs i could be asleep and still get the work done, no challenges or ways to learn new things.
Its discouraging to see every time i poke around to see what thy are hiring for there is a long list of that thy want and the pay is low. i don’t mind a small pay cut, but i have a family to feed.
I am good with mechanical stuff in general, electrical and figuring out ways to solve problems.

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It’s one reason I work for myself. No job requirements list. I either know it or not, or I can learn it quickly. Pay can be unstable though.

Honestly though, anytime I look at job postings I see the same crap that you’re noticing. Huge requirements list for crappy pay. Imho it’s a holdover from the 90’s when corps had to ‘try’ filling the position locally before they were allowed to outsource to overseas for dirt cheap.

Plus I think it serves to keep the school debt machine running. But I digress.

If your job is easy and pays well enough, your probably better off looking into hobbies and seeing what you like, then go from there. The evil Dell not doing it for ya? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Look into electronic security (cctv, alarms, access control) it’s a good mix of tech, electronics and mechanics.

Thanks for the idea ill look into that.

i with i had the test equipment to dive into the board. I have recaped boards but those are ones i could see are bad. beyond that its hard with out the right tools