Wazuh security platform

In order to keep on topic, I made a thread about the Youtube paid sponsor stuff where we can discuss it.

I looked at the versions of Wazuh and they go back a fairly long way, this product has been around for a while. It mostly looks like they want to sell/support their cloud version, but I’m still guessing that the free version props up the technical side of that cloud. I’m guessing that there will come a point where they no longer need the free input and it will cease to exist, but that might be my cynical side speaking since they have been around for a while. It looks like a great product, would be even better if you had ways to integrate other endpoint AV products than just Defender. For what I use, this would still work because it integrates with Defender to provide the actual scanning mechanism, the rule set is different from Defender’s (additive to Defender).