Wan2 and LAN Traffic Issue

Hi Guys, I just swtich to Pfsense as my firewall, I am very new to it, and this is my problem, please if anyone encountered it, help me solve my problem.

Here It goes:

There is a time that my WAN2 and LAN2 traffic goes wrong, my traffic on WAN2 became OUTBOUND and my LAN2 became INBOUND. All my host from LAN2 can no longer access the internet, so my fix is to simply DISABLE/ENABLE the LAN2 Interface. After that, may Traffic goes Normal again, I do not know where is my error here, and I dont want to disable/enable my lan interface everytime that error occur. Is there way to fix this. Thank you In advance

Also, Is there an effect if I have a load balance, and I did not create a fail over.

I have not seen this problem before and I am not sure what is happening. Intermittent lock ups are usually a hardware issue.