VPN - PFsense to UDM SE/Pro

I would like to setup a VPN from my parents house to my house so I can use the xfinity stream app. I have a Netgate 1100 running PFsense at my parents house and a UDM SE at my house. From my understanding the Netgate 1100 should be the VPN Server and the UDM SE should be the client. What would the best way to set this up, IPSEC, OpenVPN or something else? I also would like to be able to have the VPN only active on a certain port of the UDM SE if possible. What’s the best way to connect the Netgate to my parents xfinity router, what port should I use on the Netgate?

Would love to see a video on this.

Thanks for any help you can give me

For now I think the only way to get that working would be with IPSEC, I don’t really ever tie those devices together so not sure that I will ever do a video on it.