VPN On Edge Router

I have 3 Edge routers i would like to do VPN on them I have the main one with a static IP address but the other 2 will have dynamic IP addresses has any one done this?? I would need to have them setup because I’m sipping one to a friend that lives 200 miles a way and we would like to all use the servers I have for storage.

Any Help would be appreciated.

It is very easy, just follow the VPN setup wizard and that will configure it for you.

As regards the dynamic IPs, just sign up for NoIP and configure the Dynamic DNS Service Under DNS with the account details of each location.

That should be pretty much it, any problems DM me and I can step you through it!


Hope this helps!

Step One & Two:

Login to ER and go to Services > DNS, under Dynamic DNS Click ‘Add DDNS Interface’

Step Three:

Choose your WAN interface (if like me yours is on a VLAN then be sure to select that)

Fill account details from the account on noip you created, you won’t be able to select the protocol until after you click apply having filled in the details, weird but that’s the way it is!

Step Four:

Click Apply then come back and select noip as the protocol. Then you are DONE!

Step Five:

Check the NoIP website to see if your domains / IPs are getting populated.

OK thank you I will be working on this to night. I will let you know how it works. For now I have 2 ISP as fail over and I will be using one to test with.

Im Having issues with it all it is saying i need to do it all under the VPN tab

Sorry I missed your reply here, have you managed to work it out?

No No-IP is not seeing it and i cant get the VPN to see any thing

Sorry only just saw your reply, was at a Cybersecurity Expo.

If you would like to DM me some screen shots (with redacted info) then I could help you finish the setup, does your ER have a direct route-able IP? ie It hasn’t got a 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x or 192.168.x.x IP address?

Yes they are straight to the internet and have noting before them one is 74.X.X.X. and we can DM when would be a good time