VMware to XCP-ng/XOA questions

I’m experimenting with XCP-ng and Xen Orchestra at work for a potential replacement for VMware. I’m running into some things I just cannot figure out how to do.

  1. I’m trying to connect to NFS shares on our Netapp. I’ve set up the alternate IP for the hosts for our NFS VLAN. And I can ping the storage. However it still isn’t seeing the NFS shares. I cannot figure out why. It is like when I try to add the NFS shares it decides to use the VLAN management is on instead of the VLAN for NFS. But I cannot figure out how to make it use the right now.
  2. My goal is to build an XOA from source. This way we can try out the full version with everything. I would like to build it so it lives on NFS storage. But everything seems to assume you just build it on local storage. I cannot even seem to configure networking to have different VLAN’s for storage and management unless I already have XOA. So it is kind of a chicken and egg problem.

Appreciate any help. I’m sure this is an exercise a lot of people might be trying out given what is going down with VMware. Any other suggestions for this is welcome as well.

I am working on some new storage videos for XCP-NG and they should be out soon. As long as the networking is setup properly you should be able to setup the storage using XOA to get started. You can use the free version Xen-Orchestra ✦ Web Interface for XenServer

From there you would map the storage:

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There are a ton of other great articles released on the forum/YT channel that should help. I moved from VMware to xcp-ng & xen orchestra for my own servers and all my clients.

The migration came with a few bumps in the road but myself and my team have never been happier. We are running XOA from source as well and haven’t had any issues. I did the paid support for a while but just never used it, RTFM helped with everything.

So I think the issue might be on the netapp side. Even though we are running a newer version of ONTAP I think on our SVM we might have viewing of NFS exports disabled. And it appears that is what XOA wants.

I am also testing ProxMox as again, open source and we can test without cost. And I ran into an almost identical issue there. So my confidence that this is the issue is pretty high.

Even though I have full rights to the netapp, I’m not lead, and the lead guy is off this week. Rather than step on toes I’m just going to wait for him to get back. Hopefully he’ll have no issue with us creating a new SVM that I can just play with.

Thanks for the assistance! I’ll try and remember to come back here and give an update if it was in fact the Netapp just so others can see and the search engines will have something to reference.

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