VMware nfs nvme ha storage

We are looking for a storage solution that is HA over 2 separated nodes. We are looking at Elastifile, vsan, open-e. I will contact TrueNas but i think they do not have an HA option for 2 separate nodes. Maybe you have a software defined storage solution we are nog aware of?

TrueNAS does offer HA and it is technically two nodes. We are a TrueNAS re-seller so let’s start with what are the needs for this project and see if I can find a solution that fits.

We are looking for nfs storage for our vm’s. We would like to have nvme with around 100tb of capacity. With ha over 2 locations connected with 40gbit dark fiber.

What is the distance between the locations?

The second location is not more than 2km, but we want to be able to move and can get a dark fiber to many places within 10km

I think you would wan a storage sever at each end no HA with failover between the two locations for stotage access.

NVME storage of that size would cost a whole lot, it’s much better to go with SSDs, because you’ll hit a network connection bottleneck anyway.

Have a look at Storinator from 45Drives. You can setup GlusterFS highly available NFS share, with synchronization over the fiber connection.

Servers can be setup in fail-over or load-balancing mode. Here is the “proof of concept” videos:

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