VLOG Thursday 288: Sponsorship Ideas, What Does Tom Do, Graylog Errata, and Q&A [YouTube Release]

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Hi Tom,

Missed you live by a little way, about your first topic of sponsorship and advertising for you though. It is a tricky one, I guess you’d like to keep away from intrusive advertising - though many watchers will know that without ad’s, there may be little motivation for you to do the YT channel. Like you say, you need to recoup your time investment.

I think you’re in a unique position with regard to access to tech as well as the experience you have with networking, servers, etc… I wonder how a dollar a month option would go down for a sort of “Lawrence Systems TV”? May be that’s too much work to create, but it would certainly keep the spammers away, which may then reduce your wasted time blocking them. Of course I have no clue what’s involved in setting that up - but if the aim is to generate income equal to your hourly rate, that might work well. You could still throw the same videos onto Youtube, but the pressure would be off for getting income from it - though potentially I guess the algo’s will detect that you don’t care and stop recommending you to fresh faces?

I see you have 250k+ subs, I would hope that even if only 5% of those pay a dollar a month, that would keep it financially balanced for you? Moreover you wouldn’t have the stress of finding sponsors, thereby be more independent and trustworthy (not that you aren’t already!).


Disclaimer: I’m not a Youtuber or even in your industry, I’m in construction. Just a thought from a keen viewer and someone that’s learnt an awful lot from you :+1: