Vlan rules for xbox on pfsense

Can someone please give me the proper alias/rules/nat/upnp I need to put multiple Xbox’s on their own vlan.

Need ipv6, open nat, upnp enabled. I’ve been trying to figure it out all day watching videos and nothing is working.

Please let me know :pray:t5:

Unifi network setup. Xbox’s are all hardwired to my unifi switch.

Also trying to set up an IoT vlan. I THINK it worked, but not 100%. If someone could post everything I need to properly configure a vlan for my wifi devices it would also be appreciated.

Doesn’t give me nat and upnp rules for Xbox vlans.

I would do a capture on the firewall or look at the flows on the interface your Xbox is using. Then whitelist them and you should be good.

do you have instructions for that?

i’ve watched the videos for creating vlans in pfsense and assigning them on unifi multiple times, but legit everytime i assign them something goes wrong and i lose connectivity.

the only way i’ve gotten them to work so far is by giving them a static ip and allowing them to bypass in the upnp & nat settings. i’d like to have my xbox’s on their own vlan and my IoT devices on another. but ya i have no idea what im doing wrong

how did your forum and google search go?

what happened when you tried this one? A comprehensive guide to pfSense Pt 8 How to get Open NAT for Xbox One and PS4