Virtual HD Slow speed (NFS on hypervisor possible ?)


I have been using XCP-NG for 4 months and I am facing a read/write speed issue.
When I created my hypervisor physical server, I decided to build a RAID 10 array to improve speed and redundancy. Unfortunately, I discover that what was the bottleneck on my infrastructure was Virtual Drives. I made different tests in order to come to that conclusion. (Network, with/without RAID, local copies).
It might sound evident for you but was not the case for me :slight_smile:

My question is :

Is it possible to install an NFS server directly on xcp-ng (not on a VM) in order to avoid this virtual drive speed issue ? If yes, is it not recommended for security issues for example ?

If you have other ideas to solve my problem don’t hesitate !

I think I could build a second machine only for my NFS but I would have to spend money again. And it would result in having 2 physical servers in my house…

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to see what performance looks like for a VM with it’s VHD on SSD only and HDD only. Also, what OS is the VM running?

You need a separate storage server that runs NFS.