Video suggestion: Placing USG behind router/configuring 'pass' through mode

Hi Tom. You make a lot of great videos covering pfsense/other firewalls and Ubiquiti products. I thought it would be interesting to see a video where you integrate both some type of firewall and a USG in the same network and get the best of both worlds. So pretty much configuring the USG in a sort of bridge mode (also called transparent or pass through mode as I learned) to fulfill all of the statistical/device information within the UniFi controller while protected by a better firewall.

I am currently trying to do this as a project in my home network (using Sophos XG) and do not want to retire the USG because it helps me understand my network if you will. There is a lot of different/old information out there regarding the configuration of both the firewall and USG. I think a video of this sort might interest people who love both products as I do.

Thank you.

I don’t do videos on writing custom config files for the USG because I don’t know how and they are not officially supported setup from UnIFi so updates tend to break them. This is also why there are not many good working write ups on the topic.

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I can understand that completely. Thank you for the reply.

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