Video Suggestion - Deeper Dive into Ansible

I’ve been playing around with Ansible and, thanks to the videos you did with @ph1L @LTS_Tom, I’ve gotten pretty comfortable. However, now that I’m getting deeper into the weeds of Ansible (with the goal of self-rebuilding servers) I’m finding that I’m not “getting” the way other’s are teaching Ansible. For whatever reason, I really understand a topic when Tom or Phil does a tutorial. Idk, I know both of you are really busy, but with this whole APT thing (and the huge possibility of something similar in the future) having a good explainer of tools like Ansible will help greatly when I need to tackle an issue like this at scale in the future (ok, 10 servers isn’t a big scale but I like automation).

Thanks for all you gents do!

  • Steve
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I’d second this request.

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