Video Suggestion: COVID-19 and the need for more remote workers

I’d be interested if you had any thoughts on what the SMB might be able to do if faced with a need to let as many folks as possible work from home. We have a VPN and that works fine for those with laptops but we still have some users who have a desktop at work so portability is not really an option.

I had thought that maybe using zerotier or veeam-pn and allow folks to use their home computers to connect and then RDP to their desktop to work. Of course that seems not ideal from a security perspective though because home machines are unknown in terms of viruses etc …

Are you recommending any particular approach to your clients?


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Many of our clients that can use VPN already have it setup and those that can not are more often because working remotely is not possible due to the job they do, such as our manufacturing clients. But I have seen more views on my pfsense OpenVPN videos.

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