(Video) Business Talk: Planning, Process Management, & what does Tom do in the morning? July 2018


So, in this video (https://youtu.be/OS_BBKMqQTI) there is thi plunger looking thing hanging from the ceiling. It was asked in the YT comments what that is but I don’t think it’s been answered. But, @LTS_Tom can you tell us what this thing is?

Thanks for all you do!


It’s a magnetic pickup tool that we use it to pickup screws on the floor.

“Central Machinery 93950 Long Reach Magnetic Pickup Tool with Quick Release”


Thanks @LTS_Tom! Prolly the best thing about the way you do things is that you’re consistent and fast!


Cool we use a litter picker with a myriad of hard drive magnets welded on :slight_smile:


The screws on the back of MacBook typically cost around $1.75 per screw from Apple and they are a pain to find. I might want to pick one of these up.