Very slow response times on wan

I notice it takes a long time, from when I enter a url, say or anything else, until it is on my screen. But only the first time and only on a Vlan. I suspect it has something to do with my DNS settings.

I have two isp, a cable and a DSL line.
I have a Netgate 4100 and a homebuilt running CE
I have three computers on one network and two laptops on the other.

Network 1: The home network: DSL ISP, pfSense CE, TP-Link SG3428X switch, three computers running openSUSE

Network 2: The test network: DHCP cable, Netgate 4100, TP-Link SG2008 switch, 2 laptops, one openSUSE and one Windows 10

I am using the test network to set up the 4100 with the intention of replacing the pfSense CE box by getting the 4100 all ready to just change connections to the switch, put both ISPs on th 4100, change the cables and retire the test system.

The test switch has 8 ports, and has 2 Vlans besides Vlan 1. Vlan 10 is named General and Vlan 20 is IoT. Ports 7 and 8 are trunk ports and connect to the router. ports 5 and 6 are access ports connected to Vlan 1. ports 3 and 4 are access ports connected to Vlan IOT while ports 1 and 2 are connected to General.

On the router, Port WAN 1 is only Vlan 1 while WAN 2 has General and IOT
On the switch is a level 3 route of with a destination of the router.

When I connect the laptops to Vlan 1 at the switch, things work normal. When I connect the laptops to either Vlan General or IOT, internet access is slow. By slow, I mean it took 35 seconds to see the speedtest page.

I did notice on the switch, something entered a static route of with a destination of the router but it showed 254 hops!

Sumpins rong! I think I may have misconfigured something on the router but I’m in way over my head! I can’t find it. So, I’m here at the Experts page looking for help.