Very slow internet speeds, Noob Here Please Help

Hello, I am new to pfsence. After installed the pfsence was running fine. the I am seeing huge bottleneck on over my ISP ont speeds. Which is around 300up/down. And i get via pfsence is not more than 5% of that speed. One workarround was that if reboot the router then ot used run at full speeds upto 1 and a half days. Please Help me. If you need any logs and data let me know.

This the pfsence box.
1 realtek nic as wan
1 intel nic as lan

Thank you for reading this.

And after some time speed are down like this.

FreeBSD doesn’t like realtek so much … perhaps swap over your WAN and LAN and see what happens.

Intel NICs are the general recommendation.

ok will try it out and let you know.

I’ve not done this, but if you have a switch setup vlans and setup another interface as your WAN. That way you can just use the intel NIC. Then see what happens.

Sounds like it ought to work in theory, if you don’t have spare NICs.