Veeam VS FreeNas Snapshots

Quick question on this;

Let’s say I have veeam installed on 10 windows workstations/servers and they are backing up to freenas. Then I use cloud storage from my NAS to store files/data offsite. Does it still make sense to use FreeNAS Snapshots in this case? It almost seems a little redundant and cumbersome to clone a snapshot then share it and restore an individual file for a user who may have lost the one they were working on or what ever by doing that. Technically couldn’t Veeam just restore the point in time file to that user instead? Worst case that it was completely gone from the users workstation and for whatever reason FreeNAS, I could just pull down from the cloud back to freenas and have Veeam do the point in time restore anyway, right?

Thank you in advance!


3-2-1 is the guiding rule for data back up and replication. Veeam can restore individual files but I would and do snapshots and they go to another FreeNAS. What you are doing and the type of data should dictate the frequency of your Veeam backups and snapshots. Veeam will do incremental BU of desktops to the FreNAS but you also want a snapshot of the storage pool. Never can be to cautious, never know what will fail and when.