Using Synology NAS to image backup a window server

my company wants to deploy a synology NAS as a backup for our Windows servers machine.

please is there a way i can backup the server, that will enable me do a full restoration on a different machine (same specifications) in case of damage. with out reinstalling software and other configuration and settings.

like migrating from one computer to and other

A long time ago I used cloning software from Acronis, if you google you’ll find something out there. However, there might be some gotchas with Microsoft and unique IDs.
Now I virtualise most things so it’s much easier to recover from failures.

You will need an image backup of the device, I’m not aware of any free imaging tools for servers.

The cheapest that I’m aware of is a msp360 (cloudberry) licence.

There may be cheaper option and please let me know what you find, but most companies don’t display pricing and want you to contact them.

$120+vat for a lifetime license for a windows server under 1TB (larger than a TB is more expensive) $30 optional per year , Includes priority support and software upgrades.

Tom has some videos showing how to use their software.

Synology has their Active Backup system for imaging and restoring systems.

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