USG Replacement

I just noticed you can no longer buy a USG. If mine ever breaks what should I replace it with. I’m fine going with pfSense, I just don’t want to build my own hardware.
It seems the two cheapest Netgate appliances are the 1100 and 2100 at $189 and $349 respectively.
I don’t really want to spend more than $350.
Where does the USG sit between those two devices?

Currently I run Wireguard on my Unraid NAS but would prefer it to be ran on my networking gear.
Can either of those run Wireguard?

In addition to the USG, I’ve got a 16 port UniFi switch, a Cloud Key, 3 cameras, 1 AP, 3 in-wall-hd (which are also access points). Currently on a 1Gbps fiber plan but I have switched back and forth between them and cheaper 300Mbps cable plan.

The 2100 might struggle a bit with the 1GB plan depending on your use case but is a great device.

Thanks, how would that compare to the Protectli Vault FW4B that’s around the same price?

Would you run WireGuard on the Vault or the Netgate 2100?

I have not used a Protectli in a while but people seem to like them. Wireguard would work on both.