USG alternative suggestions

Been watching the youtube channel lately. He doesn’t speak poorly of USG but lays out good criticisms of the device. Some of which I have ran across is the support for openVPN. I was able to get rid of my fiber modem and use the USG.

I have a unique opportunity to upgrade my system. My parents want a wired system with APs I was going to buy a USG and 3 unifi APs to copy my system.

I do like the USG “single pane of glass” but during his videos he always eludes to running unifi APs and switches but using “something else” besides the USG as a router. Can you send some links so I can research these?

We recommend pfsene or Untangle instead of the USG/UDM

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Great! If I go the USG route, can I run a controller from my house for my parent’s unifi setup at their house? A pretty annoying home network feature that when you buy a USG you also have to buy the cloud key or something like a Synology Nas to run the controller on.

Yes, you can run the controller at a different site than the USG. These are the ports that need be be open for controller management UniFi - Ports Used – Ubiquiti Support and Help Center