Use private LAN connection as WAN for load balancing

I know enough about networking to be dangerous and ask dumb questions that someone might find amusing. I am rebuilding a network(s) that involves two buildings connected via a wireless bridge and another with Cat 5E. One building is an AirBnB rental and the other is my house/home office. The AirBnb is connected to a CO in Wyoming and the SOHO to a CO in Idaho. Diagram below. Right now a wireless bridge enables an access point in my SOHO to the “faster” WAN but is not integrated with the SOHO network. My goal is to connect these two so there is a load balance between the two WANs and eliminate the switching. My question: would something like a netgate take a private IP as connection to another WAN and use it to load balance with another. Any tips or advice is appreciated. I’ve watched a lot of Lawerence TV and I’m not sure what direction to head toward. Thanks

Oh that looks like an interesting problem. Don’t have a second WAN myself but it’s covered in Multiple WAN Connections | pfSense Documentation

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pfsense supports dual WAN and yes, one of them can be provided as a private IP address. As long as the subnets don’t overlap it can route.

Thanks good to know!