USA Best IT Shows and Events Recommendations

Dear Community,
I would like to ask all of you for your feedback.
What are the best shows/events inside the USA or Worldwide as far as IT Technology and Solutions Shows/Events?
And, what are the dates/locations of those shows?

Examples, CES, DEFCON, COMPUTEX in Taiwan, etc.

I would like to plan and schedule for them so that I can attend most of them this 2019.

Thanks to all for your time and support!

I don’t go to many events, but DEFCON is certainly a good one for learning more about cybersecuirty.

DEFCON Black Hat Briefings Interop all in Las Vegas VM World usually in San Francisco For Linux events check the Linux Foundation web site. If you plan to attend CES plan ahead what you want to look at way to much to take in and a lot of junk.

Thanks to all for your feedback! If more people want to contribute with more comments, please go ahead. Thanks

SpiceWorld in Austin TX usually has a really good showing of all the vendors we use most. They usually have some good breakout sessions as well. I’ve been looking for some other shows myself. I’ll be going to the NY Tech Expo in a couple months. I haven’t been in a few years, so we’ll see how it goes.