UPS recommendation

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Any 1000-1500VA UPS power supply recommendations? Rack-mountable would be nice, but not required. Will power Ubiquity networking gear (w/ PoE), fiber modem, HP Proliant server.

I am looking at the CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD which is on sale for $209.95 on Amazon.

I have a CP1500PFCLCD that I use personally. I currently have an AsRock Desk Mini running multiple virtual servers, Raspberry Pi 4 and a 24’ monitor plugged in via a 4k kvm switch. I have the DeskMini set to shutoff when the battery gets below 40%. We had a power outage for a couple of hours last month and nothing went down. I also noticed a few line voltage spikes were coming through the next morning as they were working on the grid but the CyberPower UPS did it’s job and kept the voltage stable.