Uploading to Odysee/LBRY

Tom, I know you’ve raised this point a few times already and you explain that you don’t have a use case for it as your audience is predominately on YouTube, however, for those of us who do want to use Odysee (especially since the US government are going to start taxing Youtube content creators), what’s the harm?

My understanding of the LBRY/Odysee platform is that it requires no additional effort on your part once your channel is set up. It simply syncs the videos you already upload to Youtube automagically.

The US Government taxes income, they don’t really care much for where it came from. Also, I have already answered this question here:

Maryland is taxing streaming video; online newspapers and advertising as of 14 Mar 2021. But if the cost is zero how can it be taxed? Downloaded software will also be taxed and again how would you tax FOSS. Strange things are afoot. https://parler.com and https://rumble.com/ are my likes no PC censorship. One nice thing about Parler they use 2FA.