Upgrade Xen Orchestra

After seeing Tom’s video The Automated Backup and Restore with XCP-NG & Xen Orchestra Is Amazing

How do we upgrade to version 5.71 to get the new features from version xo-server 5.87.0 , xo-web 6.92.0

Current system was compiled from source.

If you used the installer from the video you just need to fist make sure it’s the latest version and then run it again.

Installer github link: GitHub - ronivay/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater: Xen Orchestra install/update script

Is Git Pull the correct command to use to get the updated files? Not an expert with GIT and as far as I can find, the git pull command is correct.

I downloaded the image created by ronivay - GitHub - ronivay/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater: Xen Orchestra install/update script

Under Image ttitle - it does say it has Xen Orchestra and XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater installed, so hopefully is it just a case of running `sudo /xo-install.sh --update’ from /opt/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater folder

As I has never done this before, getting all the info required before trying the update

I have checked the xo-install.sh is in the /opt/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater folder

Going on the info supplied it is a case of running sudo ./xo-install.sh --update

As I have not done this before, for disaster recovery I can clone the xen virtual machine and in the event of issues comvert the clone to the running xen server

Is there a particular flavor of Linux you’d recommend for the XO build? Not a linux guy, but always want to learn and traditionally I’ve stood up Ubuntu etc.

I download the XO image created by ronivay, instead of going thru each individual commands. This XO is installed on Debian 11

Check out Image Section GitHub - ronivay/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater: Xen Orchestra install/update script

I used Debian with XFCE desktop on mine, the computer was too slow for some of the heavier desktops. LXDE desktop might be OK too on some lower powered devices.

Just a note, if you have a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB or better, or the Pi400, you can run that install script and use a Pi. Not sure on the performance when doing backups and things, but it does function. And HP T630 works too, but I forget how much RAM I put in it.

And the from sources image download and install works too, I think he builds this on Debian as well.

XCP-NG and Xen are installed on a HPDL360 with 128GB , SSD as boot drive, and 2TB for virtual machines storage - speed is not an issue

For extra storage , the client has a Truenas server with 27TB of storage with 31 hard drive slots free (loads of expension)

System updated

running sudo ./xo-install.sh --update , system updated to xo-web 5.97.2

Only issue, I had to change folder to cd /opt/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater which is where the xo-install.sh file is located