Untangle Dropping Internet

Just installed the latest version of untangle on a home brew machine. When I tested it at home everything worked as expected - at least I think that was the case. I brought it to the office and it kept dropping the internet every few minuets. It would cycle back and forth and fail the dns and tcp tests when the internet was down. Any ideas of where to look?
Thank you very much

Start with the physical layer and make sure it’s not a cable issue, then check the switches, then start looking for an IP conflict with something else on the network.

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Thank you. I will replace the cable but it works just fine with my current firewall.
Same thing with the switch. I lose the internet on multiple devices which are set with IP reservations in untangle. Is there a specific report I can look at to get some clues? Thank you for your help.

Took the unit back home. Tested and runs like a dream. Back at the office again same problem. At first I thought it may be comcast security edge hijacking dns but pings to dont work either. I have found that some pfsense users have a similar issue due to a feature called WAN or gateway monitoring that constantly pings the wan gateway to see if its alive and will reset if it doesnt get a response. After disabling it works fine for them. Is there something like this on NGFW that I can disable?

I am not sure, not an issue I have encountered with Untgangle, might want to try their forums on that one.

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