Untangle and USG

I currently have all unifi networking equipment with an USG, switches, and AP’s. I have multiple Vlans setup and am happy with the way everything is working, but I want to be able to monitor the network a little better and have more robust content filtering. I thinking of running untangle for a firewall. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this or another ideas? I’m not a networking guru by trade, while I have had some training and some basic certifications I pretty much use trail and error until I get something working. This is just a home environment for your information.

Untangle will definitely help with that. The USG is a good router, but does not have the features that are in the Untangle system.

For a little over $20/mo, Untangle offers a plethora of software applications to help protect your home network. I have been playing with the free (limited) version of their software in a lab environment and have been really impressed. For what its worth, I personally use pfSense for my SOHO environment and I’m very happy but I enjoy the tuning and all of the advanced features.

Assuming you don’t have a home office, Untangled Complete software is just $50/year. You just need the hardware to put it on. Tom has a great video review, looks like anyone can use it. It kinda reminds me of the Circle that Disney offers for content filtering.

Good Luck!

I’d go with the new Netgate SG1100 $ 159 pay back in little over 3 yrs plus run pf-Blocker and openVPN I do think it is the better deal. Untangle looks good these days but you still need a box to run it on. Now if you have a older desktop collecting dust well then put it to use with an Intel dual NIC, run Untangle or pf-Sense. Got to love the free market, it offers choices.