Untag tagged traffic from ISP ONT box with USW Lite

Hi everyone,

I currently have a fiber connection from my ISP that requires me to initiate a PPPoE connection with a VLAN ID of 10.

My current setup is as follows:

ISP ONT (connected to port 5 of the Netgear managed switch)
Netgear Managed Switch (port 5 with tagged VLAN10, and port 4 with untagged VLAN10)
UDM Base (does the PPPoE without VLAN through the WAN port connected on Netgear’s port 4)

I have it setup like this because there’s currently a known bug in the UDM Base stable firmware that makes it think that the Internet connection is down if you add a VLAN ID to your PPPoE connection, althought the Internet connection works perfectly and devices on the LAN can reach the Internet.

I would like to replace my intermediate Netgear switch by a Unifi Switch Lite 8 ports, but after reading the Ubiquiti documentation, watching YouTube videos and reading forums posts, I’m still unsure if my above setup is possible with only Unifi products or not.

My idea would be to dedicate port 7 or the USW to VLAN ID 10 untagged, port 8 to VLAN ID 10 tagged, and connect the UDM Base WAN to port 7 of the USW.
Then I could just use the USW port 1 to 6 to extend my UDM Base LAN switch.

My ultimate goal is to just have my Unifi controler my one stop shop for my home network, instead of having to deal with two tools like I do currently.

I hope I put enough details so that it’s understandable.

Kind regards,