Unifi-Video virtualization

I’m interested in running Unifi-Video under XCP-ng. I can’t figure out how to setup the storage for the video files. I’m trying to decide on HDD pass-through, NFS, SMB, or iscsi. I read on the ubnt forums that the Unifi-Video requires IOPS performance rather then throughput. Any thoughts? Thank you.

We have ours running in a VM and we have a script that on boot mounts our FreeNAS for SMB storage. In case you are wondering, the sleep 3 was added to give the network 3 seconds to get started.

 sleep 3
 mount -t cifs // -o username=unifivideo,password=nOTrEALLYmYpASSWORD,iocharset=utf8,vers=3.0,uid=unifi-video,noforceuid,gid=unifi-video /mnt/FreeNASvideo/

Thanks for the help! One more issue I created mount.sh with the script you linked (changed to match my network) made executable and copied to /etc/init.d. I run update-rc.d mount.sh defaults I get no error but it wont mount on boot, but works fine if i manually ./mount.sh. The install I’m running has no rc.local and I google it every thing says use fstab for mounting at boot but then I get a permission error in Unifi-video. is there an easier way to get the script to run at boot? Thank you.

You can add a mount at boot in the crontab like this.

@reboot /root/MountFreeNAS.sh