Unifi UDR - thoughts

I’ve been looking at the UDR for a family member, what’s the consensous of the Unifi UDR for a no tech family? She needs the ability to block devices easily in the app for example when the kids won’t get off the xbox and such.

Current this is achived via a tp-link deco setup, but I was think better controls and such with a UDR and probably a FlexHD.

I originally had Untangle in that was working well, but it’s not suitable for a non tech person…

Connection is 250/25 with xbox probably smashing the connection most of the time. I’m not overly interested in VLAN setup like I have for myself.

Think they need a big stick !

Anything except a consumer router will require you to set it up and maintain it.

Personally I think Asus with Merlin firmware might be a better option.

Alternatively, you could actually setup something like pfSense with vlans, then put the children’s devices on their own vlan, then a few tips on disabling the GW might also work, but that’s a longshot.

I’m happy to maintain when required, but the ability to block devices in the UniFi app made me think it could be feasible.

I agree, yes a strict/balanced approach always good. However they list their father last august to a RTA. Police traffic officer sadly killed on duty.

So trying to help with a bit of tech. When we see the kids I have said to them that the internet is not a right.

If their UI is easy to use, that might be a better option, in pfSense you’ll need rules based on an IP address or perhaps using an alias, then perhaps enable and disable rules, might be more confusing as the interface is a lot to handle if you have no idea.

Indeed pfsense could be viable if father was still around or a level of tech competency, but that’s not an option sadly. Similar to the spare Untangle license I previously used, worked fine, but unworkable.

Within the Unifi app you have the option to block etc. How feasible it is pass. Need to look at on device options again too, Norton, Mcafee, Defender for IOS devices.

Equally we’ll continue to go round and remind the kids not to be such a PITA to their mother.

I’d suggest that it’s better to use static IP addresses, then give them user friendly names.

Though I keep having in my mind doing things on a network level is easier but on a device level it’s more intuitive. Hmmm …

As for the PITA, have the children watch “Sound of Freedom”, they will soon realise how lucky they are !

I’d suggest the Circle Home parental control device for restricting access to devices and services. It’s intended for normal people and the interface really is easy to use. Configured via a phone app. You set daily time limits. Or limits for particular services or types of services.(eg social media, gaming)

Then use whatever your preferred device is for running the network.