Unifi - Site Surveys

Hey everyone.

I wanted to know what everyone uses for site Surveys before sending out proposal for the install, and the best practices to get the best coverage.

To clarify, where to place Access points for best coverage.

I generally find it best to visit site with a few access points, place them around and manually check coverage, that’s usually how I’d approach it, never had any issues this way; many variables of crap that can get in the way.

The most common software used is Ekahau.

Do you disable combined 2.4 and 5 or keep it separate?

Depends on the use case with 2.4GHz and 5Ghz. 2.45GHz has a farther range than 5GHz. Many devices only use 2.4 which only has 3 channels so many devices using the same radio space; 5GHz has 23 channels so much less interference.

If you’re after the fastest possible speeds then 5GHz is usually a better choice, if range is more important than speed 2.4GHz is a better option. 5GHz has less chance of penetrating solid objects likes walls and floors, hence the less range than 2.4.

So depends completely on use case, but planning for 5GHz will allow you to enable 2.4GHz if you need to.


First I ask for a blueprint of the building then I go to the client with a Ubiquiti US-8-60W 3 x 25m cable connected to 3 UAP PRO & a Netgear Hotspot Nighthawk M1.
I place my AP as best as I guess then start the survey with Netspot.
Once the area is done, I move the APs to a different location and continue the survey.

Edit : as from time to time there is no electricity on the site I take as well a power bank with AC function

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