Unifi roaming sucks and push alerts gone away?

I’m trying to adjust roaming settings via a cloud controller (hostifi) . Coming from a Cisco enterprise background, unifi roaming seems horrible and rarely works at all. When it does it’s slow and sometimes just drops you off the network all together. Anyone else have a similar experience and any advice to share here?

Also seems like push alerts to mobile app are never coming back. Does anyone have a good way of alerting a team that there is device down issue? I mean like proper alerting not just a ticket raised. When a network goes down, alarm bells should be ringing! As always TIA

I have found the defaults work fine and most of the roaming issues we run into are from the clients being older. We have done some larger installs with over 300 access points and at the location I can roam from room to room or building to building with no issues.

As for the alerts, I have never tried it on mobile.

Thanks Tom. Can I ask how you test roaming when you deploy? Can I also ask how you alert and respond quickly when you have a unifi devices down on a client site? Thanks again (love your videos)

I take my laptop and my phone, connect to the WiFi and go from place to place watching the connection.

We use email for alerting.