Unifi Protect NVR General questions

I am looking at getting a UniFi protect but have a couple of questions.

  1. There is both a ethernet and an SPF+ port. Can both be used at the same time with different IP addresses?

  2. There are 4 drive bays. How many drives do you need to make the system work? Will it work with only 2 drive bays used?

  3. Do I need a cloud key if I only want the video to be seen from the local network?


  1. Haven’t tested but it should work.
  2. Yes it will work with only 2 drives, in fact the NVR works even with only 1 HD. Of course only in a RAID1 configuration.
  3. You would’t need a CK even in that case. The UNVR includes Unifi Protect in itself.

Is there a configuration section where you can set the IP addresses on each or are they both DHCP?

It’s a Unifi Protect box, it works just like the CK. Of course you can change the IP addresses of both interfaces.

You can find all of this info on UI forum.