Unifi Protect mobile app won't see the cloudkey

This used to work but doesn’t anymore. I just picked up a Unifi G3 Instant camera. Sadly the only way to adopt it Is to use the mobile app. I put it back on my phone (it was very buggy with 2FA in previous experience) but it will not recognize my UCP-G2P controller at all. I know the controller is up and can connect to it just fine from a browser on my laptop.

I saw one person at another site suggest that Protect mobile stops working if you disable the cloud authentication at ui.com, which I did following their data breach. But I wasn’t sure if this was indeed the problem and thought this community would likely know what’s up.

Thanks in advance for any help/info here.

I temporarily enabled remote access again and, voila, the mobile Protect app could see the cloudkey again. I was able to setup the G3 Instant cam and then disabled remote access for the cloudkey again. It appears you must do this to setup a cam, but it’s not needed to view/manage it after that. Kinda disappointing. But it seemed to work. Posting this in case anyone else runs into the problem I did.