Unifi Protect and retrieving video

I’m wondering if there is anyway to retrieve video from a Unifi G2 Cloud Key+ after the camera has been disconnected or removed. I’ve done some basic testing and once the camera is removed, the video for that camera is not accessible. At least not anyway that I’ve tried.

This seems like a pretty significant issue for a security camera system. Thanks.

When removing the camera from the system I think it deletes the data.

I’m pretty sure if you reset the (forget) the camera, the data is deleted, but id a badguy breaks into my shop, then steals the camera, is the badguy safe? How do I see who he is?

Ok, a post on Unifi forum got me retracing my steps. The camera view shows offline , the live view shows disconnect and the time-lapse view shows disconnected as well. However, if you scroll down the time line the old video is still there. Panic attack over.

As a tech I worked with in the oil patch would say, "The problem was traced to a short-circuit between the chair and the keyboard.