UniFi LTE Thoughts?

Has anyone here gotten a chance to try out the UniFi LTE WAN over LTE solution? https://unifi-lte.ui.com/

I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has used the UniFi LTE before we purchase a few to test. I haven’t really seen any videos or much content on them yet and I’m not sure if the product would work for our needs or not.


I have a new client who is looking for a solid and scalable solution for their remote monitoring systems. Some of these are in areas where only LTE&Satellite are an option; LTE would be the primary instead of the secondary in these configs; which I assume it supports, but I am not certain).

The client is currently using various LTE modem brands at remote locations to monitor and manage multiple nodes but the current solution is rather difficult to scale and the modems are ~$600-800 each to start. They generally require an annual fee to receive updates and for certain features and there is no standardization of which modems go where or central management, causing a management and cost headache once they are deployed.

The client would like to have a solution that we can scale that would include a LTE modem, a VPN connection back to their servers where Zabbix and other tools can access what they need to from these remote sites (pressure/temp/level monitoring, windows domain joined devices, etc). The client also plans on adding cameras and other equipment that Ubiquiti currently offers and he seems to enjoy Ubiquiti (camera locations would have local storage or a non-LTE connection most likely).

I hope this makes sense, let me know if I need to clarify further.