UniFi IoT devices

So I have Unifi dream machine AIO.
I have vLAN’ed all my WiFi, DMZ, HoneyPot ( i like to play )
anyway one thing i haven’t managed is to allow multicast trafffic accoss vlans.

Lets take kids vlan and the DLNA NAS. the NAS is in my private network (vlan10) kids are on another with own SSID (vlan20)

I don’t want to open up all ports and that wouldn’t help anyway. When they use the DLNA client they can’t see the NAS (as expected!) Allowing all traffic is also no good as expected. BUT HOW on unifi do you forward mulitcast traffic?

just feels like you have to end up running most things, lights etc in one vlan and then what’s the point…

Please note this is for home so not related to any other questions i might ask if your related to sherlock holmes.

There is a discussion about this over on the Netgate forum. I believe the summary is that what you want to do defeats the purpose of isolating things on their own networks. So you should either put everything that needs to communicate with the NAS on the same network as your NAS or if your NAS has multiple network interfaces then configure it to be plugged in to each VLAN and host the services that VLAN needs.

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